TORNADO Electric Water Heater 60L Enamel Digital Silver TEEE-60DS

Sale priceLE 5,399.00


TORNADO electric Water Heater
Water Heater capacity : 60 Liter
Electric power : 1800 Watt
Water Heater color : Silver
Digital screen to show temperature and system errors
LED indicator lamp for water heating
Enamel coated inner tank and Anti-rust
4 Touch Buttons :-
- Button on / off
- Button for water heater mode
- 2 Buttons to control on temperature
5 Safety factors for the heater :-
- Overheating sensor
- Dry heating sensor
- Non- return safety valve
- With magnesium anodes
- Drain Outlet
3 modes in the heater ( Normal mode - ECO mode - Clean mode )
Good heating position to guarantee best performance
Heating element from copper
Special treated material for the body not affected by water vapor and humidity
Inlet water diffuser ensures no immediate direct contact between cold and hot water
Round and cylindrical shape
In front control panel
Optimum sizes
Faster heating
Higher safety
High-density insulation foam
Auto restart function
Save electricity
Water Heater connections :-
Cold water inlet : 1/2 G
Hot water outlet : 1/2 G
Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height ) mm :-
Without carton : 450 x 450 x 715
With carton : 532 x 532 x 812
Water Heater weight :-
Net weight : 20.2 Kg
Gross weight : 23.2 Kg
Country of origin : Egypt
Water Heater warranty : 5 Years full free warranty

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