Thomson Mini HiFi System MIC122BT

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The Thomson MIC122BT is a home audio micro system that is monochromatic in coloration. It features an optical disc player, allowing users to play their favorite CDs. However, it does not include a cassette deck. The disc loading type is located at the front of the system for easy access. This hi-fi system comes with two speakers that deliver a RMS rated power of 50W, providing clear and balanced sound. The power source is AC, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply. For radio enthusiasts, the Thomson MIC122BT supports the FM radio band, offering a variety of stations to choose from. The tuner is of the digital type, with auto scan capabilities to help users find and save their preferred stations. The system also includes the option for preset stations, with a quantity of 20 available. An AUX in port is provided, enabling users to connect external devices such as smartphones or MP3 players to play their own music through the system. In summary, the Thomson MIC122BT is a compact and functional home audio micro system that provides an optical disc player, FM radio with preset stations, and an AUX in port for added versatility. With its monochromatic design and front disc loading, it offers both convenience and a sleek appearance.

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