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  • The Ultimate party experience delivered via two 20cm Super Woofers to produce overwhelming bass. Pushing sounds forward without losing resonance or detail, the bass is amplified to produce an extremely powerful sound that can be physically felt.
  • Embedded into the edges of the speaker, a sophisticated show of light patterns liven up the party with every song played. A wide array of colours and light patterns sync with the music and reflect the power of the TMAX Series.
  • The TMAX DJ Sampler feature allows sample sounds such as a scratch, blast, and horn to be added to the music as it's played. Six DJ effects including phaser, sound chopper and electro echo give users masterful control over the music to entertain their listeners with DJ-like club tricks and sounds.
  • The easy-to-use application (which connects via Bluetooth) comes packed with functions to expand the capabilities of your system and enhance your experience. Jukebox Request enables users to request songs in a playlist so the music never stops.
  • Built to withstand impressive power output, the TMAX50’s design also allows for portability thanks to its built-in handles.
  • The main unit features two mic jacks so you can plug in and sing duets with family and friends. Various functions make it easier to sing, like Vocal Cancel, Key Control, Tempo Control (USB and CD), and Mic EQ.

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