BOSCH TCG4215 Grill with 2 temperature controllers and Casserole dish - Silver 2000W

Sale priceLE 6,099.00



From the manufacturer - Mod1 : Fast heating thanks to 2000 watts. Performance at the highest level. Thanks to the 2000 watts, the grill is heated quickly and a heat output at a constant high level can be guaranteed. This makes healthy cooking quick and easy. In addition, there is plenty of space on the large area. - Mod2 : Individual heat from top and bottom for perfect results. With the separate temperature control for the top and bottom grill plate, best results are always achieved. Each food is prepared from both sides at the optimal temperature. Thanks to inclined plates with fat drainage channel, low-fat frying is possible. - Mod3 : Healthy variety with the 3-in-1 device. Roasting, grilling, and raclette. 3 grill positions: As a contact grill, as a table grill, with top and bottom heat for baking, gratinating or warming up - for frying, grilling, baking or reheating. The plates can be used smoothly for fish or vegetables or ribbed for steaks and sandwiches. - Mod4 : Easy to clean thanks to removable grill plates. As well as when preparing delicious food, the contact grill impresses with comfort even after eating. The aluminium non-stick grill plates can be removed for cleaning - and as they are dishwasher safe, cleaning up is a breeze. Discover the diverse possibilities of the multifunctional contact grill - Fry meat, hamburgers or delicious sausages in no time. How about a family barbecue? Whether poultry, beef steak, hamburger or roast sausages - the flexible joint adapts perfectly to the grilled food. This makes steaks to the point. Also perfect for frying fish. Enjoy salmon fillet or scampi skewers in the simple way. With the contact grill, fish dishes are prepared in no time at all healthy, low-fat and delicious. Vegetarian dishes are easy. Do you love vegetables? Then you can easily use this contact grill e.g. courgette slices, eggplant and tofu.

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