Bosch Series 6 washing machine, frontloader fullsize 10 kg , WGA254AXEG

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Extra spacious drum for larger washing cycles.

Wouldn't it be nice to handle a large load in one go? 10kg capacity gives you the opportunity to fit more in one wash while providing perfect results. Large families and busy households can now save time and energy thanks to the large capacity and ideal wash cycles of Bosch 10kg washing machines. You can either fit a giant pile of dirty clothing or wash big items such as duvets and curtains comfortably. When you have 10kg, you have fewer loads to do and more time to enjoy life.

Spotless laundry at the touch of a button.

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No two stains are the same. But selecting the right washing program for each can be quite confusing and result in less than perfect cleaning results. Bosch washing machines with the AntiStain option help you to reliably remove any stain, every time. The AntiStain option easily removes the up to 4 of the most stubborn stains, ranging from oil, tea, cosmetics and blood. The washing machine automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement and soaking time to the relevant stains before your chosen programme starts. So, no matter what the stain is, AntiStain helps you to easily get perfect results. Fully automatic.

Reduces wrinkles by up to 50%

We know that you make all the efforts to ensure complete care of your favorite clothes. But washes can be harsh on your laundry. Clothes results in high wrinkling during wash cycles, which require more ironing after. This puts your clothes at risk of damage due to the heat. That’s why we have invented AntiWrinkle, a wash option to keeps your clothes free from creases and damage by reducing wrinkles in laundry by up to 50%, resulting in less ironing needed.


The SpeedPerfect™ option washes in a shorter time with the cleaning results of the standard program.


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