Apple HomePod Mini

Color: Black
Sale priceLE 3,999.00


As An Apple Digital Assistant , Siri Has The Ability To Recognize The Voice Of Up To 6 Different People At Home And Create 6 Different Profiles Where They Will Be Tailored To The Needs And Desires Of Each Person. So Siri Learns And Makes Better Suggestions For You, Built To Deliver Sound From Anywhere, The Homepod Mini Adjusts Its Performance Based On Its Location In The Room. Inside A Small Speaker (Less Than 8.3 Cm High) Fit Four Microphones With Noise-Canceling Technology And With The Help Of The Apple S5 Processor Which Optimizes The Movements Of The Redesigned Driver To Direct The Sound Evenly In The Area With Rich Bass . Plus, music and calls continue easily on the HomePod mini, simply by bringing your iPhone or iPad close to it and the sound is transferred to the speaker, With more than one HomePod mini in the house, you can easily communicate with the rest of your family using Intercom (intercom). Ask Siri to send your voice message to all the other HomePod mini in the house or to a specific room and get the answer. At the same time, Intercom works with other Apple devices from where it allows you to communicate with the house remotely, It is designed to keep your personal information secure. You can talk freely as the HomePod mini turns on with its switch or just by listening to the phrase "Hey, Siri". Finally, although the HomePod mini communicates with the iPhone to read your messages and notes, none of this information is sent to Apple.

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